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If you would like to benefit from our free-of-charge “AMREF – Flying Doctors” service, you have to fill out your travel insurance providers name, and your travel insurance policy number. If these are not filled in AMREF is not a valid service for your trip. Please also note that it will only be valid for the travelers with a travel insurance, so of only 1 out of 2 travelers have travel insurance, our AMREF service only covers the one with valid travel insurance.

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* By paying via bank transfer only the bank transfer fees apply, these are set by your bank.
** Payment with credit-, debit card or PayPal has an additional 5% surcharge (fee) that is added to your total. These 5% are taken by the payment provider 3G Direct Pay. Also note that this is not a binding choice, you are free to change your payment method as you please. Each methods respective fee will apply to each transfer.

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Please let us know if you have allergies, special preferences in regards to diet, accessibility needs or anything else. You are also free to leave comments or other information, of course.

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