Tanzania Explorer

About us


Tanzania Explorer ® is a brand by Old Explorer Ltd. (official TALA Licensed company), and is owned and run by Norwegians & Tanzanians. The brand was formally introduced in 2010, but the people behind the company have vast experience in arranging traveling experiences to Tanzania for many years. Our head office is located at Kawe Beach in Dar es Salaam, and we have an outpost office on Zanzibar and hub in Arusha. We have pre-qualified and highly skilled agents across Europe & USA to assist our travelers, in addition to expertise within wildlife photography. The local team probably consists of some of the most knowledgeable native Tanzanian guides with lifelong experience in what this beautiful country has to offer.

We specialize in tailor-made trips to each customer with personalized service, both before and during your adventure – at no extra cost. All people connected to Tanzania Explorer have traveled all around Tanzania to ensure the competence required to assist all travellers with in-depth knowledge and advice.

For us, arranging trips to Tanzania is a lifestyle. The result is that we are always available for you if you have any questions, and we have no set "office hours". We acknowledge the fact that the most likely time for you to plan your trip is either in the evening, or on a weekend when a normal office is closed. You are always welcome to call us when it is most suitable for you.

We are looking forward to customize your dream vacation to Africa and Tanzania.

Karibu Africa! (Welcome to Africa in Swahili)

We put our pride, heart and soul into the operation to ensure full satisfaction from our travelers!

Main staff

“Banja” – Zanzibar Operation

Mr. Zanzibar. A native Zanzibari named Makame Ramadhan Makama, just called “Banja”, is our and your man on Zanzibar. If there is anything you would like to know about Zanzibar and island life – this is the guy. Banja is in charge of our Zanzibar operation including transportation, excursions as well as arrival and departure service on the island. Him and his crew is always at service for our customers on the island.

“I love to show our travellers the true Zanzibari experience, and all the hidden gems you won´t find online”

Sondre – Founding Partner

Sondre is Partner and one of the founders of Tanzania Explorer. He is in charge of business development as well as developing new trips and making site visits to parks and accomodation partners! Full of enthusiasm and energy, this opportunist aim to give you "that little extra". Sondre has fallen in love with Tanzania and has a passion for history, culture, photography and the African wildlife.

“ Our goal is not to give you the best trip ever, but a life-changing experience!"

Dzene – Managing Director

Dzene is our Managing Director and is basically responsible for everything that goes on with our company in Tanzania. He is in charge of running the company, as well as being in charge of the over-all operations in Tanzania Explorer. He is educated at the Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management Klessheim in Salzburg Austria, and has vast experience from the tour operator business in Tanzania and also on Zanzibar. Once our travellers have landed in Tanzania, Dzene is responsible for the trips as a whole and that everything goes smoothly and as planned.

Bahati – Office Assistant

Bahati´s main responsibility is to ensure our office and villa is in top shape at all times for our clients and is also responsible for catering at our office. She is also assisting the  the operation team with anything they might need assistance with.

Zawadi – Head of Booking

Zawadi is our assistant Office Manager and is responsible for everything that goes on in our office and ensuring that all arrival and departure services goes smoothly. She is  in charge of all bookings made in the company, site visits and keeping all lodges and hotels posted on the whereabouts of our travellers. Zawadi is also running our Tanzania Explorer villa together with the rest of our team. 

Shabani – Office Consultant

Shabani is really a multi wizard in the office. Assisting Dzene with the management of all tasks, helping out Zawadi with all arrival and departures as well as keeping our accounting in order! 

Sam – Head of safari & guiding

A native Tanzanian and probably one of the most experienced guides you can imagine. Sam is responsible for the local safari-operation, as well as transportation on mainland Tanzania. He also operates as head of safari guiding, and is an expert on spotting wildlife even under the most extreme conditions. Sam is also responsible for guide-training and keeping our cars in top shape! 

Joshua – Safari guide

Joshua is one of our most trusted  safari guides. A special expert on the Southern parts of Tanzania, he knows these wild areas like the inside of his pocket! Always in a good mood, this is a guy that will make you feel at home and comfortable in any safari environment and destination in Tanzania! 

Gaston – Safari guide

Gaston is another of our most trusted  safari guides. Gaston does trips in both the Northern and Southern areas of Tanzania and truly a great wildlife spotter! Another very experienced safari guide that will ensure you do not miss out on any action! 

World Team

Apart from the main staff, we have a team of ambassadors and agents throughout the world that helps, guides and promotes Tanzania Explorer. We would like to thank them for spreading the word about wonderful Tanzania! We want to give you more than just a vacation; we want to show you Africa and the best it has to offer. For those of you who have been to sub-equatorial Africa before, you know this is a life changing experience.

To be able to promote and act as agent or ambassador for Tanzania Explorer, we require that they have actually been to Tanzania and the area they promote – to ensure that you receive qualified advise.

Please get in touch if you have any questions, or would like to see how we can help customize your dream trip. If you want to be assigned to the closest agent to you, please get in contact with us on post@tanzaniaexplorer.com

We are Tanzania Explorer and we would love to show you Africa!

Why choose us


Probably the single most important reason why you should choose us is because we are no ordinary travel agency that just book the trip for you, send you the tickets and wish you a pleasant journey. We want to be with you every step of the way and assist and guide you in the planning, in order for you to get just the African experience you are looking for!

Africa does not work like any other continent. An example is the information you find online about the accommodations or other information you might come across on different webpages. This information is not always accurate or tells the whole truth. Since we have our home base in Tanzania, we have unique local knowledge, accurate and up to date!

To the extent it's possible, we pre-qualify both trips and lodges ourselves, so that the customers can feel completely safe on what's to expect on the trip, and be as prepared as possible. We also provide extended preparation-documents with all information you would need for your upcoming vacation.

We are there, available, and “on call” for all our customers throughout their whole journey while in Tanzania. For us, providing a trip to Tanzania is a question of personal pride of meeting each customer’s expectations for their trip!

Our speciality is custom-made trips, safari and adventure packages to suit your exact requirements at a price that is guaranteed to cost you less than if you booked through a normal travel agency! In addition, our team knows Tanzania like no other and they cannot wait to share their passion and knowledge with you!

Our values and what we provide

  • Safe travel
  • Life changing trip
  • Opportunities for the locals
  • Wildlife experience

...S L O W  – is the life in Africa!

"...we show you the very best of Africa at an inspiring price"

The affordable choice

  • We are a Tanzanian based company. This means that we don't have a big administration that requires salary in Europe or other parts of the world, which would increase the cost
  • Since we operate from Tanzania, we have in most cases a far better rate of both safaris/adventures and accommodation. Not only compared to ”normal” travel agencies, but also cheaper prices than what you would get if you booked accommodations directly
  • Buying airline-tickets yourself is really easy today. If you buy the tickets yourself, you can save a lot of money. We have no intentions of earning money on your flights, so you get all the savings by doing this yourself. We do however assist you in finding the cheapest/best tickets, for free of course
  • When the tickets/travel dates are set, we adjust and customize your trip to fit the plane-tickets, not the other way around, and at no extra cost!

The safe choice

  • Our company is solid and well run, we have a principal of not acquiring any debt or taking loans
  • When it comes to trusting a company, the company you book with should have immense knowledge about the area you want to visit, to make sure you get the most out of your vacation. We have chosen to specialize at the one destination we feel gives you the very best of Africa – Tanzania
  • We have personnel for your assistance locally, available at all times for our travellers
  • To be honest, Africa does not operate like most other places in the world. That is something that needs to be taken highly into consideration, especially when it comes to time. We take care of you from the moment you land in Tanzania, until your trip is finished and you are at the airport on your way back home. We are with you every single step of the way
  • To the extent it's possible, we approve the accommodations and safari ourselves, for your safety and trust!

We go the extra mile

  • We have local and in-depth knowledge about Tanzania, because we are based there. Not only ”catalogue” or second-hand information
  • For us it is important to customize the trip to YOUR needs and standards. People want different things and that is why we not provide only ”standard” packages/trips. Not only do we customize the trip, we will advise you where to go and how to get the best package, adventure and experience to your budget and requirements
  • We provide our trips with the heart, not only by a business budget. We know that if you are truly happy with the trip and experience we provided, you'll recommend us to others as well. That's when we have truly succeeded! This is not another job for us – it's our lifestyle
  • It is important for us that the locals have opportunities and benefits from tourism. As a result of this, we try to give you an authentic experience and not a ”resort-based” trip
  • It's personal – we deliver!

Our services


Tanzania Explorer can arrange any and all travel experiences in Tanzania, customized to each customers needs, without any additional costs.

We recognize the fact that no travellers are alike, and people want their trip filled with different experiences. Most people have specific wishes, which we understand and take into account. That is why we adapt and customize each trip individually, tailor-made to each customer’s budget and wishes, rather than selling standardized “off the shelf” packages. We want you to feel that this trip is yours, filled with what you want, where and when you want it.

Our experience is that customers can save a lot of money by ordering the flight tickets themselves. We will happily assist you in finding the best tickets for your trip at no extra charge. Once you are in Tanzania we take care of you from arrival to departure. Unless a customer specifically asks for it, we avoid typical “resorts” and the classical touristy places, all in order to provide the most authentic African experience possible!

Selection of services

  • Full trip planning, “from arrival to departure” (our most used service)
  • Safari adventures
  • Beach holidays
  • Kilimanjaro climbs
  • Accommodation bookings
  • Cultural experiences
  • Adventure activities (diving/snorkeling, boat-trips/sailing, hiking/trekking amongst others)
  • Team-building trips (corporate or personal)
  • Photography courses with safari for beginners (general photography and wildlife photography)

We customize the exact trip you want – at no extra cost!


We also offer our services through www.SafariBookings.com

Payment options


We offer almost any kind of payment options! You can pay by bank transfer*, credit- or debit card ** or PayPal**!

3G Direct Pay fills the online gap between the providers and the consumers. Since 2006 3G Direct Pay has been providing a secure and open credit card processing platform where the end customer can shop online with any provider and can pay at real-time using any payment option.  3G Direct Pay leads the African travel market where hundreds of travel businesses and millions of international end customers can shop, pay, sell and get paid in real-time.

* Bank transfer is the cheapest option, the only fee that applies is what ever is charged by your bank.
** Paying by card or PayPal comes with a surcharge of 5% of your total amount. This is not a fee charged by us, but by 3G Direct Pay.


As an extra service we offer AMREF Flying Doctors insurance on your trip.

AMREF Flying Doctors provides air evacuation services in medical emergencies across East Africa, as well as air ambulance transfers between medical facilities. We provide air ambulance services and operate across many East African countries including Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania and, when clearance can be obtained, most neighboring countries including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Somalia, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Burundi. AMREF Flying Doctors operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As a vital link between remote areas and AMREF Flying Doctors Emergency Control Centre at Wilson Airport in Nairobi, AMREF Flying Doctors has established a radio network that comprises over 100 HF radio stations across East Africa, making it the largest two-way radio network in Africa. Apart from emergency evacuations, AMREF Flying Doctors provides a medical outreach program, taking essential health care to some of the most impoverished and remote areas of Africa.

To ensure this is valid on your trip, you need to provide us with your travel insurance company and policy number. This is done on our "Traveler Details" form that you receive in your confirmation email from us. Please note that without your policy number the AMREF service will not be available to you during your trip.


For us it is important to give something back to this fantastic country and it's people, for letting us provide trips and activities in Tanzania. Wherever it's possible we try to use “local options” to support the local communities in the trips & packages we create, without effecting the quality of the trip.

20% of our earnings goes back to the country as a direct funding to different local projects.

Apart from our 20% rule, we arrange fundraising Kilimanjaro-trips, support schools with supplies as well as sporting equipment’s. We have a special relationship with the villages of Makunduchi on Zanzibar. This project involves a football team (Makunduchi Center Boys), who we are supporting with jerseys, shoes and all sorts of football equipment. We are currently also preparing a project where we are building a new football field for them. We have also built a well in Makunduchi and are currently looking to provide pipes for the well so that we can provide water directly in to the houses surrounding the well.

We are also focusing on education and try to provide secondhand laptops and other technical equipment which is hard to come by (financially) for the community. You can read more about these stories and project updates in our "blog & news" section (which is just around the corner).

For more information about our ongoing projects, please contact us -we would love to share it!

We are very happy for any contributions and support from our travellers and we would be proud to arrange a visit to one of our projects if you would like to!

20% of our earnings goes unabridged to fund local projects!