From Bærum to the bush – football match in Mloka

From Bærum to the bush – football match in Mloka

After two days on safari Bærum was ready for a one-of-a-kind cultural experience! We started off with a city tour in the local village of Mloka, all the children in the village were so happy to have visitors that they followed us around wherever we went!

After the village tour we met at the local school to get an introduction and meet the team-management, and the local "cheerleaders"! It was all set for a very special footbal match against the village of Mloka.

The pitch was very different from what Bærum were used to, a few spots of grass in each corner – other than that – deep sand! Both teams sang their national songs, and the game was on! We had the entire village as spectators, and even safari cars heading out for safari stopped to see what the spectacle was all about.

Mloka started the game best, Bærum was struggling with the unusual pitch, and especially playing in the Tanzanian sunshine – it's far warmer than what they're used to! Mloka scored the first two goals, and at half-time the score was still 2-0. Bærum needed to change strategy, after discussing and getting some shade and water during the break things changed. Right after the second half started they scored a goal – getting closer to evening out Mloka's lead. Bærum got a penalty shortly before full-time, and our own Tanzania Explorer representative was switched in to take the shot. If it was the sun in his eyes or something else, no one knows, but unfortunately he completely missed the shot and the ball went far wide.

There would be one last chance to take back Mloka's lead, but the shot hit the crossbar and the friendly game ended 2-1 in favour of the village of Mloka. No tears were shed, and there were smiles all about!

After the game Bærum handed out jerseys, shorts, shoes and other equipment to the Mloka team, they were so happy and thrilled! It's safe to say that it was a fantastic and different experience for everyone involved, and tomorrow we will travel out to Zanzibar for more games, and for more cultural experience!